Hold a baccalaureate:
A, B, C, D, BT

The License cycle, which lasts six (06) semesters, gives the right to the diploma of License

Expected diplomas

Hold a baccalaureate:
A, B, C, D, BT


Hold a GCE:
A, B, C, D, BT

• The Master's cycle, in four (04) semesters, subdivided into Master I and Master II, entitles you to the Master 2 Diploma

Expected diplomas

Hold a baccalaureate:
A, B, C, D, BT

Higher Teacher Trainnig College (ENS) de Bertoua

The ENS is a higher establishment for studies centered on education. It confers national diplomas (DIPES 1, DIPES 2, DIP. Co and DIPEN). in addition of the various administrative services, it houses a wax, a restaurant and sports equipment. For optimal research, the campus is irrigated by the free wifi for students.

Foreign students have the option of pursuing part or all of their entire university course at the ENS. She also Homele from numerous foreign teacher-researchers within the framework of symposiums and other university meetings organized there. It has 14 departments teaching, namely:

  • English
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • French
  • Géography
  • History
  • Computer science
  • cameroonian Languages ​​and cultures
  • Foreign Languages
  • classics letters
  • Maths
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Sciences of education


The main mission of the ENS is the Training of teachers of education general secondary. It comes in:

  • Training for teachers of general secondary education, normal education teachers and guidance counsellors;
  • Promotion of research fundamental, in general that of research educational, in particular Continuous Training and Distance Training;
  • Recycling and improving the teaching staff including teachers appointed as pedagogical inspectors.


  • Zootechnician; Specialist in animal industries; Genetics Specialist and Livestock Systems;
  • trainer; Consultant; Research assistant; Reproduction Specialist and animal health; Animal nutritionist; Aquaculturist,..


The ENS therefore prepares:

To the diploma of teacher of first and second grade secondary education (DIPES I and DIPES II);

  • To the first and second grade normal education teacher diploma (DIPEN I and DIPEN II);
  • The diploma of school, university and professional (DIPCO).


Baccalaureate level

A competition based on written tests for recruitment in the first year of the 1st cycle of the section of Student-Teachers of General Secondary Education of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Bertoua is open. The competition is open in one single session to Cameroonians of both sexes, aged 22 and holders of the Baccalaureate or GCE A/L required for each series requested. Candidates foreigners may be admitted to compete under the same academic conditions and within the limits of available places, in accordance with the regulations in vigor.

License level

A competition on written tests for recruitment in lèrt year of the 2nd cycle of the Student-Teacher section of Education General Secondary of the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Bertoua is open, each year for candidates holding a license and aged 32 or less

The Higher Institute of Agriculture, Wood, Water and Environment,(ISABEE);

I. ISA (Higher Institute of Agriculture)


  • Capable of diagnosing diseases, weeds, nemaiodes, insects, pathogens etc. Able to manage pesticides
  • Design, Implementation, Monitoring/Evaluation of agricultural projects
  • Ornamental horticulture;
  • Seed production;
  • Selection and improvement of plants;
  • Soil analysis
  • Support for agricultural holdings;
  • Regulation and quality control of agricultural inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, phytosanitary treatment devices);
  • Diagnostic analysis of agricultural products and inputs

The sectors

  • Water and Forestry Engineer
  • Agricultural Engineer (option: Rural Economy and Sociology)
  • Agronomist (option: Plant protection)
  • Agronomist (option: Animal Production)
  • Agronomist (option: Forestry)
  • Agronomist (option: Agricultural Engineering)
  • BTS Waters and Forests
  • BTS in Agriculture
  • BTS Agropastoral
  • Cycles of Agricultural Technicians
  • Higher Agricultural Technician Cycles


  • Phytopathologist; Entomologist
  • Nematodologist; Carcinologist;
  • Pyrotechnician; Soil scientist;
  • Agrofood specialist; Monitor;
  • Consultant; Research Assistant;



  • Zootechnician; Specialist in animal industries; Genetics Specialist and Livestock Systems;
  • trainer; Consultant; Research assistant; Reproduction Specialist and animal health; Animal nutritionist; Aquaculturist,..


  • Design, Implementation, Monitoring/Evaluation of Livestock Projects; Management wildlife; Rural development management;
  • Environmental management, animal health;
  • Genetic improvement of animals;
  • Management of farming systems;
  • Conduct and management of reproduction, nutrition and feeding of animals, aquaculture and fish farming...



  • Forest Administrators; Controller of operations and marketing of wood ;
  • Conservator of Parks; Fish farming extension worker; Aquaculturist; former ; Consultant; Research assistant; Research officer (NGO, research office).


Coordination of logging; Interpretation and monitoring of forest/environmental laws; Control of forestry activities; Management of natural parks; Conduct of aquaculture activities; Aquaculture practices; Control of the quality of water and aquaculture products; Conduct research and development activities...

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